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Unlocking the Potential of Indonesian Skincare Players

28 Apr 2024 | Indonesia

The Indonesian skincare industry is driven by a diverse range of players catering to the beauty needs of consumers across the archipelago. From local brands deeply entrenched in the cultural fabric to international giants bringing global trends to the forefront, Indonesia's skincare industry offers a dynamic market with opportunities for growth and innovation.

With an estimated total value of beauty and skincare imports reaching approximately 309 million USD in 2021, Indonesia is a key player in the global beauty industry. Products from China dominate the country's import market, followed closely by South Korea and France. Despite the influx of international brands, local players continue to maintain a significant presence, reflecting the preference of Indonesian consumers for homegrown products.

Local Players in Indonesia’s Skincare Market

Leading the charge among Indonesia's skincare local brand players are Wardah and Scarlett. Wardah, a homegrown brand, has captured the hearts of Indonesian consumers with its diverse range of skincare products tailored to local preferences. As a leading player in the Indonesian skincare industry, Wardah's products are widely available in drugstores, supermarkets, and minimarkets.

Indonesia Skincare Players

Image Source: YCP White Paper

Scarlett, another local brand, has made waves in the Indonesian skincare market with its innovative product development and marketing approach. Famed for its whitening body lotion, Scarlett has leveraged aggressive influencer marketing strategies to engage with consumers, collaborating with a spectrum of influencers from celebrities to micro-influencers. This concerted effort has cemented Scarlett's position as a formidable player in Indonesia's skincare industry.

While local brands dominate the Indonesian skincare market, international players such as SK-II and Laneige have also carved out a significant niche for themselves. SK-II, a Japanese skincare brand renowned for its anti-aging formulas, caters to Indonesian society's upper and middle-class segments. With a focus on premium distribution channels, SK-II products are synonymous with luxury and efficacy, appealing to discerning consumers seeking high-quality skincare solutions.

Laneige, a Korean skincare brand, has garnered a loyal following in Indonesia with its day and night creams and masks. Positioned as a premium skincare option, Laneige products are marketed through modern trade stores, premium drugstores, and e-commerce channels, offering consumers access to cutting-edge formulations and innovative beauty solutions.

Across the board, Indonesia's skincare players employ various strategies to maintain their competitive edge in the market. Fast product development, leveraging natural science-based ingredients, and fostering high engagement with key opinion leaders (KOLs) are among the key tactics of skincare companies. By staying attuned to consumer preferences, embracing digital marketing channels, and innovating in product development, Indonesia's skincare players are poised to thrive in the ever-evolving beauty landscape.

As Indonesia's skincare market continues to expand and evolve, local and international players seize the opportunity to connect with consumers and drive growth. The future of the skincare industry in Indonesia looks bright and promising with a diverse range of brands catering to the diverse needs and preferences of Indonesian consumers. By harnessing the power of innovation, collaboration, and consumer engagement, Indonesia's skincare players are well-positioned to shape the future of beauty in the archipelago and beyond.



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