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About Us

Consultants with strong presence and understanding in Indonesia market

About Us - researchinindonesia.com
About Us - researchinindonesia.com

Market Research Indonesia is an Asia-focused B2B strategic consulting firm that advises companies and government agencies across various sectors in Asia, including construction, agriculture, manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, food & beverages as well as e-commerce and finance sectors. We provide results based on our distinct approach and deep knowledge of the Indonesian market to multinational clients.

We pass on market understanding to clients to help them achieve sustained growth in Indonesia. We design strategic recommendations based on a thorough analysis of the Indonesian marketplace.

Our consultants will analyze various market data from customers, distributors, suppliers, competitors, partners, industry associations, and government officials.

How We Work

How We Work - Market Research and Market Intelligence In Indonesia

Market intelligence, not market data

Our team consists of seasoned management consultants with proven track records and experience in the Indonesian market, capable of collecting factual insights and advising business analysis and growth strategies through primary research and executive and government-level interviews.

Detailed research, personalized solutions

Our advisory services are based on an understanding that every one of our clients is dealing with different vital issues that require specific solutions. We create unique frameworks for each client, never repeating the same strategy twice. Our team zooms in to every client’s business objectives and crafts specialized strategy recommendations to ensure their business growth given their status in Indonesia.

How We Work - Indonesia Commercial Insights
How We Work - Renowned and Evident Skillls

Global expertise with a local approach

Our team of professionals at Research in Indonesia are equipped with specific language skills, deep industry knowledge, and cultural understanding of the Indonesian market. We execute all our projects in-house and comply to all regulations and legal agreements set by our headquarters in Singapore.

Our Team

  • Septian Waluyan



    Septian is a Partner based in Indonesia. He built his expertise in consulting industry in Indonesia with the focus in FMCG, consumer-related sectors as well as manufacturing. He has managed and worked in various type projects for the firm including go-to-market strategy, M&A, commercial due diligence, marketing strategy and channel management projects. Prior to YCP Solidiance, he was a product manager for several MNCs in Singapore and The Netherlands. He is a growth facilitator as he worked in a leadership company before, working on organizational transformation field. Septian graduated with an MBA from Rotterdam School of Management (The Netherlands), and received his bachelor degree from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore).

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